Educational Games For Teens

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Educational games for teens can create fun learning experiences that can help the teens improve their school grades, their wealth of knowledge and broaden their interests.

Many games that are educational are great to include as party games for teens when they gather for celebrations, sleep overs, or just for an afternoon of visiting one another.

Here are some educational games for teens to slip some learning experiences into their game fun:

Educational Games For Teens


Color Flash Game:

  • Almost every famous figure in history, current events, even the movies and music world, have certain quotations, lines from songs, or comments which have made the news and which have become associated with that famous figure.

  • For example, George Washington is associated with the words "I can not tell a lie". Martin Luther King, Jr. is famous for having said "I have seen the mountain" as well as "I have had a dream". John Lennon’s "Give Peace a Chance" is another example which is a song lyric that is well associated with him.

  • There are many, many other examples.

  • For this game, one player states a quotation and the other players must attempt to identify the source of the quotation.

  • The player that identifies correctly the source of the most quotations is declared the winner.

Create Acronyms:

  • This game helps teens learn how to remember lists of things, many of which will be needed in order to do well on tests in school.

  • But they will not realize they are learning how to remember these lists.

  • List on a piece of paper in a column the first letters of words, in order, that are common lists needed by teens in school For example, M, V, E, M, S, J, N, P are the first letters of the planets in the solar system.

  • Give each teen a copy of these lists and ask them create easy to recite words or sentences from the letters. Do not reveal what the list represents.

  • For example, the solar system list might be Mary Vanessa Eats Much Salt Just Not Peanuts.

  • After the game is played, explain to the teens what the lists represent and they will keep them for help in studying and remembering lists.

Trivia Games:

  • Trivia games are available online, from the store, on DVDs, and as board games.

  • They are available in a variety of topical games such as Movie Trivia, Sports Trivia, age-group specific trivia and other variations.

  • These games are valuable to provide to teens because they are great fun to plan and help the teens learn facts they didn’t know previously and reinforce facts they already know.

  • These games also help the teens develop rapid recalls.

  • The basics of the games are that a question is asked and the first player to answer correctly scores a point.

  • You can even make a trivia game by locating online some facts, creating questions on note cards with the answer on the other side of the card if you do not wish to spend the price of the game.

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