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Divorce parties were unheard of a few decades ago, but today they are quite common.

These parties celebrate the beginning of a new life for the newly divorced person.

Friends gather to provide support in a painful divorce or share happiness if the new divorcee is glad to be free of the former marriage.  

Divorce party games can be the highlight of these parties. Here are a few divorce party game ideas to help you plan a great divorce party.

That Guy Game (or Girl):

  • This new game you purchase has become all the rage at  divorce parties.

  • The set contains a deck of cards, each describing a guy, such as "fake tan guy", "bad dancer guy", or an action you must get a guy to perform such as "dance with your friend'.

  • The cards are dealt so that everyone has an equal number and then the girls go out to the bar and turn in cards as each guy is located or action accomplished.

  • There isn't a version on the market for the men, but it is easy enough to create a list of women and actions and use this same concept for a man's divorce celebration.

  • There's certain to be a deck of cards for guys on the market soon because the ladies' version is such a huge hit!

Divorce Charades:

  • Everyone has something they dislike about their spouse or partner.

  • In this unique version of charades, instead of acting out  random phrases, the players act out things they dislike about  their partners or spouses.

  • It is usually a time for rolling on the floor laughing as the  players attempt to identify the action or attribute being depicted without words since only motions are permitted in  charades.


The I Never But I Will Game:

  • This game is especially popular for a ladies' divorce party.

  • It can be a drinking game if you choose, but it is just as much fun without the booze.

  • With everyone comfortably seated, the divorced person goes first saying "I have never (action) but I will".

  • Everyone that has done that already must raise their hand (or take a drink if the drinking version is used).

  • Actions like "I have never made out in a limo…but I will", or "I have never gone skinny dipping…but I will" allow the ladies to  fantasize about things they have never tried before but would like to when the opportunity arises.


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