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Christmas Game Mixer Party ideas can really help when you are having guests who do not know one another well.

Sometimes, if people aren't familiar with each other, it can be difficult for some to locate others to hold conversations with during the party.

By using game mixer ideas during your Christmas party, every guest will be encouraged to talk to other guests they haven't met before and new, lasting friendships or even romances can be the end results.

Here are two Christmas Game Mixer Party Ideas to help you plan a fun, exciting, successful holiday get-together:

Dance Mixer:

  • Cut ribbons of various colors and textures so that each ribbon is different from any other.

  • There should be one ribbon for each two people at the party and the game works best when the party guests are all couples so that an equal number of men and women will be in attendance.

  • Hold the long ribbons in your hand and ask the men to stand on one end and the women on the other end.

  • Each person selects one ribbon from the collection and holds onto their end.

  • Then, drop the middle of the ribbons.

  • Every guest locates the person on the other end of their ribbon and has a dance so that they get to know people at the party.

  • This same idea can be used for other ice breakers.

  • If you have an unequal number of men and women, use the same method to pair up people to perform tasks, such as inquiring of guests three facts about themselves for sharing later in the party.


  • This game is best for a smaller group of people to get to know one another.

  • If you have a larger group, you can use numbers instead of colors.

  • As each person arrives, give them a paper, pencil and ask them to draw a slip of paper from a bowl.

  • On the paper is the name of a color or shade of a color.

  • As the person mingles, they should learn as many people's names as possible and also learn what word that person associates with that color.

  • It's okay if some of the answers are the same; after all, many people will think of "sky" when asked what they associate with "blue".

  • The main goal is to get people mixing with one another and starting conversations.

  • The guest who gets the most names listed along with correct information is declared the winner of the mixer game.

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