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If you need adult party game stories as the theme, we'll help you come up with some great, amusing and entertaining ideas.

A story game can fit into any type of party involving adults, whether it is a birthday party, anniversary bash, or just a weekend get together for the purpose of enjoying one another's company.

Adult party game stories can include stories about the guests can also be wonderful for office parties since it helps each person get to know other coworkers much better, creating a bond that will extend throughout every work week.

Here are some adult party games stories to help you plan your party:

The True and False Game:

  • For this game, each guest must write on a slip of paper three things that are not well known about themselves.

  • Two of the statements should be true, but little known by the guests at the party.

  • The third item should be completely false.

  • The statements should be in a random order, so that the false statement might be first, second or third in any given case.

  • All the slips of paper are placed into a bowl or other container.

  • With guests seated comfortably, each guest takes a turn pulling a slip of paper from the container and reading it for everyone to hear.

  • Based on the statement, that guests attempts to identify who wrote these two true and one false statement.

  • If that guest can not determine who these facts and falsehood applies to, the floor is opened to guesses from any guest.

  • If anyone guesses the right person, that person must own up to their facts and fib.

  • If no one can determine the right person, they the person who wrote the slip of paper must own up.

This is a perfect story game for groups from six to 20 or even more.

Pass It On:

  • Have the group sit in a circle.

  • The first person whispers a short story about themselves to the next person and they pass it on to the person seated after them.

  • This continues until the story reaches the end of the group where it is shared publicly.

  • The story will have changed significantly with the passing along.

  • Let each guest have a turn starting the story.

  • This is a great game using stories for small group so that it doesn't take too longer to allow everyone a turn to tell their story.

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